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Quality assurance for law firms

The complete solution for legal review, drafting, and proofreading


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Transform legal review

Connect all the dots in documents to facilitate thorough and efficient review.

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Deliver bulletproof documents

Draft documents that are free of technical and substantive issues every time.

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Activate your firm’s knowledge base

Apply your firm’s at-rest legal knowledge as automatic checks when drafting documents.

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Customized for each attorney

Deep integration options ensure that attorneys in every practice group get exactly the results they need.

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Industry-leading speed and accuracy

Patent-pending technology and advanced natural language processing techniques deliver truly useful results.

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Plans & Pricing

Solo Plan

8 documents/month free
  • Single user
  • Web access

Enterprise Plan

Custom solutions
  • Multiple users
  • Web access & on-premise solution

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Non-Profit Plan

Discounts available
  • Multiple users
  • Web access

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Deployment Options




private cloud

Deployment is easy thanks to our turnkey installation process and instant upgrades. With both private cloud and on-premise deployment, every component in our technology stack is designed with enterprise security in mind.